How to beat man coverage in Madden 24

Like every Madden year, the common defense you will see in ultimate team is man to man. With poor quarterbacks and receivers that lack route running it is often hard to beat the defense. In this article, we will run over some common routes that beat man. 

#1 C-Routes

C Routes are one of the best routes you can run to beat man in Madden 24. The routes will break open vs. various shades and presses of man. 

Some examples of this in the Colts playbook can be fund in Bunch Offset and Spread. These routes should beat man a majority of the time, while other C-Routes can be inconsistent.

#2 Deep Posts

Deep post routes get open very well vs. man press. They are not as strong vs. shaded up man. 

Some of my favorite examples of this in the Colts playbook can be found in Bunch Str Nasty and Tight Y Off Wk. 

#3 Zig Routes

Zig routes can be hot routed on and receiver and are great vs man coverage. Occasionally struggling to get open vs backed off man, however. 

About The Author

Jwall is an ex-Madden champion known for his potent offense. He will be releasing an ebook from the Colts playbook in the near future. 

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