The BEST Defensive Playbook in Madden 24

It is time to unveil which defensive playbook you should use. The best playbook to use in Madden 24 is the Seattle Seahawks defensive playbook. We recommend this playbook because it has 3-3 and 3-3 cub. The downfall of 3-3 cub is that you have to use 2 REGULAR outside linebackers in the formation. However, if we audible to 3-3 cub from 3-3 normal, we are able to use safeties at these positions. This is incredibly important because safeties can play much better coverage and will not suffer greatly in the run game. 

Now the reason we recommend 3-3 cub is due to the blitz threat. Defense in Madden is really hard to do well without a strong threat of pressure. Consistently allowing your opponent to feel comfortable and to use all of their players in a route combo is not a recipe for success. Instead, we want to create a great blitz threat.

A strong blitz is important to defense in Madden because: 

  1. It makes your opponent uncomfortable, making it harder for them to make good reads on their passing plays.
  2. Your opponent will want to block more players, making it easier for you to guard their route combinations.

So what is the BEST Blitz in Madden 24?

The Best blitz in Madden 24 is out of the Nickel 3-3. Cub Formation. This can be found in many playbooks and has been a staple of competitive Madden metas for years. 

The play you will want to select is called Mike Blitz 0. A Man blitz that is sending 6 players at the quarterback. 

Now the setup for this blitz is really simple:

  1. Press your defense
  2. Spread your linebackers
  3. QB Contain
  4. User one of the middle linebackers in the gap, next to your DT. You want to get a staggered stance, which only triggers when you are quite close to the line.

You will not want to run this blitz every play, but mixing it in to keep your opponent on edge will be very powerful. Remember, defense is all about not allowing the offensive player to be comfortable. 


We hope you enjoyed this tip on the best defensive playbook in Madden. We will be releasing many tips and videos that breakdown the meta defenses in Madden and let you get better at the game.

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